Hata’ ConceptZ

A Home of Talents

A company specializing in the production of Concepts, TV commercials and Shows, Documentaries, Film and Brand Management.

Concept Creation

We are Experts in developing concepts which play important roles in cognitive aspects. Our Company realized that concepts development comes along with innovation which encourages to carry out constant and adequate research.


Our Company is Impartial and open minded film makers who present stories at discrete stages through screen writing, casting, shooting editing, sound recording, pre – production and screening as we produce finished work.


We are superiors in cast calling on merit regarding particular roles, script breaking down, carrying on various projects from different film companies, Tv commercials, modeling, Actors and many more.


We are the leading filmmakers in producing high quality documentaries, TV shows and short films that serve ultimate explanations to various themes. Documentaries provide an opportunity to understand the world.


We are Professionals in branding, building strong brands that clearly articulate and describe a client in away of making him or her unique and different from others. It as well create a memorable impression and informs the customers of what to expect from the Company.

Great at Crafting Fresh Concepts

Do you need Professionals to get your next project done?

We offer the best services and deliver more than we promise. Make your ideas rock.


Hata’ conceptz aims and focuses on developing and nurture different talents on merit. This encouraging the young talents to explore new ideas and solutions leading to innovation and high performance.


We developmental Guide, train and develop different talents for capability, productivity, performance and capacity, this encourages them to acquire more skills and also understand their goals leading to knowledge and self confidence.


The Company Collaborates with other film production companies for effective work and production. This creates teamwork leading to friendship, loyalty, problem solving, high performance, exchanging and sharing ideas in addition to production of different talents leading to efficiency.


We are a full-service marketing and event planning company with vast experience in multiple industries. We offer Event Planning, Event Promotion and Event Production Services for Any Type of Affair.

We offer a high quality video coverage services and branded art work for events that turn out to be unique to the public in a way of focusing and creating immersive experiences, planning and executing ideas.

Note: We as a team are Courteous and devorted to serving our Clients since they are our first priority. We also value, love and communicate effectively with all our customers in addition to keeping them informed and updated on our new products and services.

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