Support A Child Foundation


This is a foundation that looks at nurturing all sorts of talented and skilled individuals of all age brackets all over the world. We aim at making their dreams come true.

Buy any of our products to support the construction of our Talent School.

Down in Africa despite the challenges we face, We stay United. #Unity #SACFWESMILE

Our Aims & Objectives

  • The Foundation aims at uplifting the talents from around the country to be given a chance to exhibit andpromote their talents both on national and international scene.
  • The foundation is currently under a campaign to construct a talent school for the talents that we groom.
  • The foundation has already acquired the land and looking forward to construct a talent school.
  • There are various African fabrics that are made by some of our talents for example, phone cases, bangles, bags, shoes etc. All these are available and if one of the pieces is bought the money collected will contribute to the construction of the talent school.
  • The school will nurture those who have talents from different fields like Dancers, Film Actors, footballers, Artists etc. All these will be handled at the talent school.
  • The school is aiming at transforming the lives of different people who are stuck with their talents and had lost hope. Support A Child Foundation (SACF) is here for u to promote your Talent.

We believe in ones dreams, we know tomorrow will be better than today. #SACFEDUCATION #SACFNATURINGTALENT

Children (Opio Emma – Left, Atwiine Herbert – Goal Keeper, Mbayo Peter – Right) play football to awaken their mind, to identify their talents and to keep their bodies strong/fit.

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